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LED-SA established early 2011, serves to provide a sustainable, energy efficient alternative to conventional lighting. We aim in reducing the carbon foot print left behind by conventional lighting, providing a sustainable product, increasing the lifespan and reducing energy consumption, of conventional lighting systems. LED-SA provides not only a quality product, backed by a 2 year guarantee, but wishes to extend our vast knowledge of lighting dynamics and efficiency, helping to reduce the environmental impact, yet creating aesthetic lighting solutions. LED-SA…Brilliant ideas come to Light!


Welcome to Led SA. Your first and only stop for the best quality led products and accessories. All our products are of highest quality, and for your peace of mind, come with the original factory warrantee. Simply browse our website or feel free to enquire with us. Our agents are willing to assist you with any queries and orders you may have. At Led SA, we offer products for commercial and home applications. Our lighting solutions are not only cost effective, but help toward reducing your carbon footrpint. We will gladly assist you with a free quote for whichever application you may need. Led SA – brilliant ideas come to light.

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